Why aren’t the editable areas displaying when I upload or try to print?

The editable areas within the template may not display properly when the PDF template is uploaded to some websites (VistaPrint, Staples) or when opened with programs other than Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To fix this, the PDF template will need to be converted to a JPG file using the free online converter Small PDF. Please follow these steps to convert your template to a JPG file and if you need any help please contact us at any time!

  1. Save the finished PDF template to a PC or MAC computer
  2. Open the website https://SmallPdf.com/pdf-to-jpg and drag your file to the area labeled “Drop PDF Here”
  3. Select “Convert Entire Pages” and then click “Choose Option”.
  4. After the file is converted, the new JPG will display in the bottom left of the page. Hover over this thumbnail and click “Download”.
  5. The new JPG file will be downloaded to a location on your computer (most likely the /Downloads folder).
  6. Navigate to your computer’s downloads area and select the new JPG file. The file is now ready to use online!