Printing Guide

Welcome to our diy printing guide for weddings and special events!

This easy-to-follow guide will help you to create the perfect printables for your wedding or special celebration. Create beautiful place cards, menus, invitations, seating charts, table cards and much more for a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional printing company!

♥ The Guide

Follow these easy steps and create your own printables in minutes!

♥ Budgeting

On a budget? Save money on printing costs by doing it yourself! We offer a variety of templates to choose from as well as step-by-step tutorials to walk you through the editing process. Most professional printing companies charge around $3+ per item, depending on size, color and quantity.

Cut this cost drastically by printing personalized templates on a home printer or at a copy shop! The following breakdown shows the approximate cost of diy printing – you may save more or less, depending on the size of your event.

Template $5—$20
Paper$10—$50 per 100 sheets
Printing$20 per 100 sheets
Finishing / CuttingFree—$20

Choose a printable template

Customize our easy to use templates and create invitations, seating charts, place cards, signs, table cards, signs, and other graphics for weddings and special events. Visit our Etsy shop or browse our handpicked selection of our most popular designs.

For information and details on how to download and edit our templates, please watch our video tutorials > or check out our HOW TO section!

Decide where to print

Our templates can be printed on home and office printers or can be printed at copy shops such as FedEx Office, Staples, etc. The nice thing about using a copy shop is that they can recommend which paper will give the best results on their printers.

Be sure to ask for a test print before printing an entire batch, so that you can be sure that the end result is excellent! Over sized items, such as seating charts, are best printed at any copy shop that offers poster sized printing. Check with the printer in your area for availability and turnaround times.

Choose & purchase paper

Our templates are designed for printing onto quality card stock and can be trimmed on the guide marks with scissors or a slide cutter.  The templates do not fit pre-scored or pre-punched cardstock paper. Here are a few of our favorite papers and brands:

  • EXTRA THICK: Neenah Exact Cardstock – 110 lb, 8.5 x 11 Inches
    This extra thick cardstock is perfect for items that need to stand up on their own.  This paper is ideal for sturdy and long-lasting tented place cards, invitations, signs, menus, and much more.
  • THICK: Neenah Classic Linen Cardstock – 80 lb, 8.5 x 11 Inches
    This cardstock is extremely durable and compatible with copiers, inkjet printers, and laser printers for multiple applications. It has an acid-free construction to eliminate yellowing and disintegration over time, making it ideal for archiving.
    We love Paper Source’s great selection of card stock and matching envelopes! They are a little pricier than craft stores (Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc…) but we do believe it’s worth it, especially for special events.

All templates (except for seating charts) are set up for printing onto letter sized paper.   Letter sized paper measures 8.5 x 11 inches and can be found online and at most office & hobby supply stores.  Each template is marked with crop marks so that they can easily be trimmed with scissors or a slide cutter. Copy shops like FedEx Office and others have heavy-duty “guillotine” paper cutters for cutting large quantities of prints.  This makes it much easier if you have hundreds of items to trim!

Water bottle labels: These templates are designed for printing onto full sheet shipping labels, sized at 8.5×11 inches. We recommend using Avery’s full label sheet, available on Amazon and at most office supply stores. The templates do not fit any pre-scored or pre-punched labels. Card stock can also be used instead of sticky labels and can be attached using double-sided tape.

Print a test page & final printing

The best way to determine the maximum weight of paper your printer can handle is by reviewing your printer’s instructions, and then simply test printing cardstock of different weights. 

Tips for printing at home:

  1. Set the printer to it’s highest quality. Make sure your printer is set to “photo” or “high” quality to get the best looking prints
  2. Use textured cardstock. Inkjet printing can sometimes look a little “fuzzy”, so we recommend using textured cardstock to hide imperfections. Our favorite textured cardstock is Neenah’s Classic Linen 80# cardstock. It looks just like linen fabric and it will give your invitations a beautiful textured finish.
  3. Start at 80# paper and up. The heavier the cardstock, the more professional your invites will look. Typically 120# is the highest standard for wedding invitations but a home printer may not be able to handle paper that thick. We recommend testing different paper at 80# and work your way up to 100-120#.

Tips for choosing a local printer or copy shop:

  1. Not all printers or locations print the same Different locations provide two very different print qualities even though they both used the same paper and printers.  Be sure to do a test print, regardless of location!
  2. Laser printers apply a layer of ink on top of the paper. On some types of paper, like shimmery or vellum, the ink will not adhere and will flake off.
  3. Most copy shops won’t print oddly sized stationery or envelopes. FedEx Office, Staples or other copy shops are great options for printing onto 8.5×11” sheets.  All of our templates (except seating charts) are set up for 8.5×11″ printing, which makes it easy to print and then trim on the crop marks!

Finishing touches

The quickest way to get clean cuts for your invitations is to use a paper cutter with a new, sharp blade. Most of our templates include crop marks so that they can be easily trimmed with scissors or a slide cutter. Most copy shops do have heavy-duty cutters for cutting large quantities of prints. Please keep in mind that our templates do not fit any pre-scored, sized, or pre-punched cards (Avery, Gartner, etc.).

Please contact us if you have any questions – we appreciate your feedback!

For more information and details on how to download, edit and print our templates, please watch our video tutorials >