How to Edit Seating Charts

It is super easy to make your own seating chart, using our printable & customizable templates!

Our informative step-by-step tutorial walks you through each part of the editing process.

Everything that you need is already included in the template and no font downloads are necessary! Watch our short video tutorial below for details and instructions.

♥ The seating charts can be printed at a local copy shop, online or with a professional printing company. Please keep in mind that the template must be saved to a PC or MAC computer and opened with the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader before printing.

We recommend printing the charts onto quality poster-sized paper or canvas. You can frame the chart or mount it onto foam board for display on an easel or table. For a finishing touch, embellish with flowers and viola! – you’ve just created a beautiful seating plan for your guests!

Visit our printing guide for complete step-by-step details!

Need help converting the PDF to a JPG file for use on websites such as Vistaprint, Walgreens, Staples, etc…? Visit our FAQs for step-by-step instructions!

♥ Please Note:

  • Only the text highlighted (shown in the listing’s photos is editable.
  • To edit the font size or color, select the text & open the Properties Bar:
    • Mac [Command-E]
    • PC [Ctrl-E]
  • Not for use on tablets, phones, browsers or in preview modes.
  • There are no refunds or exchanges.
Please contact us if you have any questions — we appreciate your feedback!
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