How To Add 4″x6″ Photos to Printable Templates

Use our diy templates to instantly add photos to printable templates!

We make it easy to create personalized wedding invitations and table cards in minutes.

Follow the instructions below to add your photos!

♥ How To Add An Image

  1. Purchase & download file(s) to a PC or MAC.
    Save your template with a unique name
    (my-template.pdf, etc…)
  2. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    Free Download:
  3. Click in the photo area of the template.
  4. Select “Browse” and navigate to your photo.
    IMPORTANT: The photo must already be sized at 4″x6″. We do not offer photo resize services and resizing cannot be done from within the templates.
  5. Select “Open” to insert your photo
    IMPORTANT: The file type (JPG, etc…) must be selected. This is located in the lower right, above the “Open” button
To edit the font or to add your own wording please visit our article, How To Add Text To Your PDF Template.

♥ Please Note

  • Only the text highlighted in the photo (shown above) is editable.
  • To edit the font size or color, select the text & open the Properties Bar:
    • Mac [Command-E]
    • PC [Ctrl-E]
  • Not for use on tablets, phones, browsers or in preview modes.
  • There are no refunds or exchanges.
Please contact us if you have any questions — we appreciate your feedback!
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